Honor's Day 2020
72nd Annual Honors Day

About Honors Day

In light of ongoing restrictions around large gatherings, the 2020 Honors Day celebration has been cancelled. 

Honorees will continue to be recognized officially on their transcript and in public listings of the 2020 Honorees as a College Scholar or Distinguished College Scholar of The University of Texas at Austin. 

As a part of Honors Day, each scholar attending the university-wide ceremony traditionally receives a set of honors cords and Distinguished College Scholars receive commemorative medallions.  Rather than receiving  honors cords and medallions as a part of the ceremony this year, those materials will be sent to honorees directly, along with an Honors Day certificate recognizing this distinctive academic accomplishment.  

Although circumstances prohibit the university community gathering together to recognize honorees' hard work and to celebrate their outstanding academic accomplishments, please know that the university remains extremely proud of the 2020 College Scholars and Distinguished College Scholars of The University of Texas at Austin.  Thankfully, circumstances do not prevent the Tower from being lit and it will glow in a bright burnt orange on Saturday, April 4, 2020, in recognition of the honorees.  Congratulations!

Mailing of Materials

Please note that materials were mailed May 13 to the permanent address in your university profile.